Concept Creation and
Interior design


Once upon a time there was a space, this space wanted to convey its personality through its elements and furnishings ...

The interior architecture designer modifies and characterizes existing living spaces in relation to the functions assigned to them. By spaces we mean places of living in a broad sense: from furniture to interior-exterior setting up, to the renovation of existing buildings.
In setting up the project, the interior architecture designer needs an in-depth knowledge of the determining factors for the creation of an environment or an artifact: human needs, construction problems (structures, systems, finishes …), functional, aesthetic, economic , of environmental impact. They must also possess the skills to tackle all the essential phases of a work: preliminary design, executive design, realizations, quality controls.

  • Study of space
  • Study of needs
  • Interior design
  • Emotion design and impact


  • Purchasing advice
  • Assembly advice

Stairs – Ascona’s Apartment – 2016


Orselina House

Orselina House – porch’s decription Porch Floor General Front Floor

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